Artist Statement

Olives as big as your head?!

I love the challenge to find beauty in the ordinary. While visually studying an object’s color, shape, texture and the way it reflects its
surroundings, I am inspired and have a desire to capture these mental notes on canvas. My current body of work, “Cocktail
Condiments & Beyond” is bold, splashy & vibrant.

I find pleasure in taking inspiration from everyday items that are often small and insignificant. Each painting’s subject matter is based
on my photography of food and everyday objects that may otherwise be overlooked. I  purposefully make the viewer focus on the
intricacies of these objects by enlarging them. I want the viewer to take note of what I see. The wet smooth surface of green olives,
now as big as your head. The dimples of a lemon ready for a juicy cocktail. The crystal clear surface of glassware. The reflective
quality of smooth natural granite.

I  have studied the impressionistic style of painting that is able to capture moments in life focused on light, mood, and movement.
With this mindset I photograph my subjects with attention to lighting, reflections, composition and viewpoints. This focus of light
and mood guides my work through its first few layers of painting, and beyond, to create realistic qualities.  Beyond this influence of
light and mood, I choose to not leave visible brush strokes as the impressionistic style does. I greatly enjoy blending colors to my
heart’s content. The movement in my work is contained in the backgrounds’ chaos. There is no predetermined pattern beyond
thinking through the composition of a piece.  

I focus on a modern twist to the Old Masters’ still life themes. As opposed to the Masters’ typical use of rich velvety fabrics with their
fine soft lines, I focus on cold hard granite with its natural chaotic patterns and reflective qualities. When designing a room with
granite, you have to take what nature gives you. I allow my abstract backgrounds to create themselves through the application of
paint.  My  favorite method is to simply load up a brush with a bright bold color and let the paint fly towards the canvas. I anticipate
with great excitement what the collisions of paint and canvas give me. These deep granite inspired backgrounds set off my  life-like
subjects in a way that have energized some viewers, creating a desire in them to reach out and touch the objects in the paintings. The
strong contrast of the chaotic backgrounds and life-like subjects are grounded by subtle reflections of objects in the countertops.

I hope that my paintings bring a smile to the viewer’s face as I help them focus on the beauty in the ordinary, and encourage them to
slow down, to take note of the small things in life.

Artist Bio

I am an acrylic painter living in beautiful Edmonds, Washington. My love for art began well before I set foot in kindergarten.  
Inspired by a curiosity about my mom’s watercolor class held in our basement, I pleaded with  her to give me my first watercolor
lessons. To my delight she began teaching me! Throughout school I continued to take art classes in many different forms. My love for
acrylic painting developed during an art class at Edmonds Community College, where I completed my AA in Business Accounting.

Artist Resume

Exhibit - Solo Shows
2009 "Noted Inspiration" - Horizon Bank, Edmonds WA
2009  “Cocktail Condiments” - Harolds Lighting, Seattle WA
2009 "Childhood Memories" - Horizon Bank, Edmonds WA
2008  “Cocktail Condiments & Other Tasty Options” - Wade James Theater, Edmonds WA
2008  “Collection of  a New Artist” - Horizon Bank, Edmonds WA

Exhibit - Group Shows
2009 "Cocktail Condiments" - Harold's Fine Lighting - Seattle, WA
2009 Edmonds Art Festival - Juried show - Edmonds WA
2008  “Foodie Acrylics & Frosty Watercolors”  - Horizon Bank, Edmonds WA

2000-02  Edmonds Art Festival Scholarship Award 2000 & 2001 Tuition Award for Higher Education for the Visual Arts

2008 - “Musician’s Treasures”
2007 - “In Memory Of”
2006 - “El Rey De Los Quesos”
2005 - “Honeymooners’ View”
2005 - “Window into Reality’s Dream”

010 - Red Door NY Virtual Magazine Issue .02 Jan/Feb

2006-07 - Kindred Circle Art Gallery, Edmonds WA

Related Activities/Honors
2006-07 - Edmonds Third Thursday Art Walk Coordinator, Edmonds WA

Kimi J. Hansen  *  206.999.0830 * *